Can You Freeze Chicken and Dumplings?

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Indeed, chicken is a staple dish enjoyed by the majority of people worldwide. It is quite typical to discover that you have an excess of chicken and dumplings and it just feels wrong to discard them. Freezing it to enjoy at a later date appears to be the ideal option, and it is. However, can you freeze cooked chicken and dumplings? How long can this great dinner be frozen without altering its texture, flavour, or aroma?

To that end, this brief guide will cover all you need to know about freezing chicken and dumplings. Continue reading to have a better idea of how to freeze chicken and dumplings.

Chicken and Dumplings
Chicken and Dumplings

Can You Freeze Homemade Chicken and Dumplings?

In general, homemade chicken and dumplings may be frozen for 3-4 months. The best results are obtained by freezing chicken and dumplings in two different containers, one for the chicken and liquid and another for the dumplings. Additionally, you may freeze the chicken, vegetables, and broth in one container and then reheat it with frozen store-bought dumplings.

Can You Freeze Leftover Chicken and Dumplings?

Freezing chicken and dumplings for your family’s upcoming meal is a simple and quick process. To get started, all you need is a medium-sized freezer bag and a clean airtight container.

Take the chicken and dumplings from the heat and keep them in a separate bowl. Allow approximately five minutes for it to cool to room temperature before proceeding. It is not recommended to freeze chicken and dumplings while they are still hot or warm, since this will cause the temperature of your freezer to rise. This increases the time required to freeze the food and increases the time required to defrost other items in the freezer.

Separate the chicken and dumplings from the soup gently and store them in a freezer bag. Maximum air should be pushed out of the bag. This motion of expelling air might help prolong the period of freshness. Pour the soup into an airtight container and close tightly.

Then, store well in the refrigerator. Assure that the airtight container is firmly sealed and carefully kept to prevent the soup from leaking in your freezer. Improper freezer storage is a pain to clean.

That concludes the steps for freezing leftover chicken and dumplings.

Suggestions to Freeze Chicken and Dumplings

Now that you know how to freeze them, here are our three top advice for freezing dumplings for the best results:

  • Refrigerate: It is critical not to refrigerate uncooked dumplings. This will result in them becoming soggy, which you want to prevent. As a result, the only option to preserve uncooked dumplings that you do not want to use immediately is to freeze them.
  • Steam, Boil, Microwave, or Fry: When it comes to preparing dumplings, you are spoilt for choice, as they can be steamed, boiled, microwaved, or fried to suit your taste. Additionally, you do not need to defrost them before serving them to dinner, which saves you time.
  • Freeze Pre-made or Store-Bought Dumplings: Whether you make your own dumplings or purchase them at the grocery, they freeze identically. You can simply purchase frozen dumplings from stores and put them directly into the pan.
Chicken and Dumplings
Chicken and Dumplings

Are Dumplings Freezer-Friendly?

The best method of preserving dumplings is freezing them. Whether handmade or store-bought, dumplings can be stored for up to three months in the refrigerator.

Just dry your dumplings first before transferring them to a bag or safe container in the fridge, as this will prevent them from sticking together and will make them suitable for direct cooking from frozen.

Can You Freeze Chicken and Dumplings Made with Biscuits?

Yes, chicken and dumplings made with biscuits can be frozen in the refrigerator. The best part of frozen chicken and dumplings made with biscuits is that you can make a double batch of biscuits and have some on hand to prepare another meal. You can freeze it individually so that you can take it out and melt it when you need it.

Can Dumplings Be Re-Frozen?

It is not a good idea to refreeze dumplings. As you are probably aware, one of the most delectable aspects of dumplings is their distinct texture, which you do not want to jeopardize by freezing them many times.

Freezing and refreezing dumplings alter their moisture level, causing them to become soggy or disintegrate during the cooking process.

Freeze your dumplings in smaller portion sizes and take them out of the freezer just when ready to cook to avoid wastage.


Now you know that chicken and dumplings can be frozen. If you can store it well, frozen chicken and dumplings can stay in the fridge for more than 3 months. You have two alternatives for reheating them: stovetop or microwave oven. Additionally, freezing preserves the texture, ensuring that your frozen food will taste just as excellent when reheated. To freeze chicken and dumplings, follow the steps mentioned and you will be able to enjoy having your cooked chicken and dumpling for an extended time.

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