Can You Freeze Prosciutto

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Prosciutto can be frozen to make it last longer. Although it should be cut in chunks and then wrapped properly in foil or plastic.

Prosciutto with garlic and pepper
Prosciutto with garlic and pepper

Prosciutto is a prevalent Italian meat type that people from all around the globe love. It has a very discreet producing process that takes months to complete. For starters, the meat taken from the leg of ham is salted and hung in a dark room. The meat is kept this way for months without refrigerating it. This results in the meat drying up, becoming salty and complex, which is quite delicious. 

Since preparing this meat is a complex process, you might assume its shelf life is quite long. On the contrary, the meat gets spoiled quickly and must be stored in a very safe manner. Many have questions about whether can you freeze salami and prosciutto or can you freeze prosciutto slices. Find below answers to all your questions. 

How should you store Prosciutto?

  • When it comes to storing cured meat such as Prosciutto, it is essential to store them in a chilled room to extend their shelf life. Some experts of curing meat suggest that the best way to store this product is to keep it in the fridge while keeping the maximum temperature at 44 degrees F. 
  • While doing so, you should ensure that no cheese or other similar products are kept next to the meat. Moreover, keeping it away from light will also help in retaining the flavor for a long time. Refrigerating any eatable helps in prolonging the expiration date. 
  • Some may even freeze the prosciutto, which will not cause any harm. More so, it will extend the lifespan of the meat. However, the meat’s flavor and texture might never be the same. If you are thinking of freezing this meat, there are a few things that you should take care of.
  • It is essential to note that freezing prosciutto can harm the quality of the meat. It may taste different and may lose its essence as well. The process of thawing and freezing and then thawing again will change the meat’s taste completely. 
  • If you are a big fan of how prosciutto tastes, you should not freeze it. Although, by freezing it, you will ensure that it does not get spoiled for an indefinite time. If you have bought a whole leg of prosciutto, you can freeze it without worrying about the quality. 
  • By wrapping the meat, you ensure that the meat does not absorb any flavor or smell from inside the freezer. You will also keep it away from other products present in your fridge by wrapping it. Additionally, if the meat is large, you may even cut it into pieces and store it. However, do not cut tiny pieces as it would spoil the meat further. 
  • Once cut into big pieces, you can wrap the pieces in aluminum foil and then put the wrapped chunks in a plastic bag. If you don’t own a plastic bag, you can always set another layer of foil and store it in the freezer. 
  • To make the process even more efficient, you can decide the use for each type of chunk you cut. This will help use up the meat efficiently, and the size of the chunks would be accurate. 
cutting Prosciutto
cutting Prosciutto

Can you freeze sliced prosciutto?

You can still freeze it if you have bought prosciutto as sliced pieces instead of a whole piece. However, since the pieces would be fragile and small, the chance of deteriorating would increase manifolds. This meat is usually available in thin slices because of its texture. The meat’s edges can sometimes be fragile and be susceptible to oxidation and freezer burn.

By freezing, you would increase the chances of the meat getting oxidized. Oxidation plays a vital role in changing the appearance and taste of meat. As per the food quality controlling organizations worldwide, you may store sliced meat in the fridge until 30 days. However, you should not consume it after the expiration date.

Even with sliced prosciutto, you should take the same measures as in the case of uncut prosciutto. You should wrap all the slices with aluminum foil and pack them inside a plastic bag. This preserves the meat’s flavor and smells as well. While doing so, make sure you are keeping the right amount of slices together. This will ensure you are not wasting the meat. 

Final Words 

Prosciutto is one of the most loved types of meat. If you are bringing it home, it is essential to store it wisely. When it comes to keeping it in the freezer, there are various measures that you have to take. Follow all the steps mentioned above if you have questions, like can you freeze prosciutto and salami.  

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