Can you swallow hi-chew gum?

Must Try

Are you a fan of tasteful chewing gums and do not want to spit it out? You have come to the right place. Japan has come up with a fantastic alternative to conventional chewing gums that are yummy! This product has become widely known because you can swallow it and because it comes in 170 different flavors. 

Social media has been overloaded with hashtags related to the product. People put captions and posts related to questions like hi chew can you swallow, etc. These hashtags are making the product more popular by the minute. 

If you are interested in giving this incredible candy a try, you should know all the essential aspects associated with it. Read below to learn more exciting facts about the Hi-chew candy, a chewing gum that you can swallow.

hi-chew gum
hi-chew gum

Yes, Hi-chew is designed to be consumed. The components used to make this chewable candy are safe for your stomach. Furthermore, after a time of chewing the candy, you will observe how it begins to dissolve in your mouth.


The best thing about hi chew is the parade of flavors it comes in. It is known to get manufactured in around 170 flavors and exported worldwide. Most favors you come across would be fruity and sweet to taste. However, you would not feel bored while chewing as the texture of sweetness changes after a while. 

Other than sweet, you can also find chewing gums in sour and hot flavors. Depending on what you prefer, you can choose from a wide range of varieties. For instance, there are flavors like dragon fruit, green apple, yogurt, mango with pineapple, chocolate-covered banana, strawberry cheesecake, and many more. 

You must have noticed how different these flavors are from the usual you get in the market. This is another reason why consuming hi chew is so much fun. 


Apart from providing the public with exciting flavors, the public is attracted to the product because of its rich history. Hi-chew was already released in 1975 in a different formula and wrapping. Even though the effect was quite promising, it wasn’t a hit. 

Later, in 1996, the product was re-released with the formula you get today. However, this time each flavored candy was individually wrapped. Moreover, his candy was released to help a widespread taboo in Japan, unlike any other sweet.

Japanese consider spitting out any eaten or chewed food against their culture and therefore weren’t much supportive of the usual chewing gums we see. Thus, Taichiro Morinaga created a chewing gum that would taste normal but can be swallowed. 

chewing hi-chew gum bubble
chewing hi-chew gum bubble

Taste tests 

Hi-chew does not like to do anything conventionally. They don’t even conventionally take taste tests. To ensure their product maintains an acceptable standard in taste, they test their product on celebrities and release videos online. 

Sometimes, the celebrity would do it without the company even asking them. These videos create a massive influence on the public and make the product an even bigger hit. 

Healthily addictive 

Since the taste of this candy is so yummy and happy, you would fall in love with it. You would not know how to stop as you would not want to resist the happy feelings associated with the candy. This is one of the reasons why people call Hi-chew a healthy addiction.

Ingredients like strawberry syrup, citric acid, sugar, glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, etc., make the candy delicious. Thus, this chewable candy is pretty hard to resist.  

Safe to swallow  

Finally, addressing the elephant in the room, can you swallow hi-chew gum? Yes, Hi-chew is specially made to drink. The ingredients put into this chewable candy will not negatively affect your stomach. Moreover, after chewing the candy for a while, you will notice how it starts dissolving in your mouth itself. 

In the End

Hi-chew is a product you cannot compare with any other candies available in the market today. Hi-chew is what you should go for if you want to know how happiness tastes. Since you get to swallow this candy, you can have a pretty smooth experience. 

Moreover, you get to enjoy a series of flavors under one brand to add to your experience. These flavors are safe to consume for all age groups, and therefore parents prefer the product over any other.  

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