How Long Does Jimmy Dean Sausage Last In The Fridge

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The sausage would last for two weeks if you have not opened the package yet. If the package is opened, the sausage would last for only a week. 

Jimmy Dean Sausage
Jimmy Dean Sausage

Jimmy Dean sausage is a trendy brand for breakfast products. People who are into healthy cooking and fulfilling breakfast meals love this brand. Since it is in such popular demand, many have questions about its shelf life and how to make it last for a long time. 

The basic idea behind Jimmy Dean sausage products is raw meat or even mildly pre-cooked. Since eating meat without properly cooking can be dangerous to health, you should be extra careful of the expiration dates. Cooking acts as a natural preservative, so you don’t have to worry too much about the usual cooked food.

On the other hand, raw meat should be handled carefully. You should keep an eye on its appearance and make sure no drastic changes occur. If you find even a slight hint of decay in the meat, discard the product as soon as possible. Keeping a check on the smell, taste, or texture can help you determine if the meat is good.

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Does Jimmy Dean sausage get spoiled after a short while?

To predict the expiration date of any eatable, it is necessary to understand its ingredients. In Jimmy Dean sausage, the product is made out of ground pork. This makes the product susceptible to getting spoiled in a short while. 

The meat is usually pre-cooked and therefore comes with an expiration date that the manufacturer thinks is appropriate. This data acts as the upper limit under which the meat should be consumed. Once the meat crosses the expiration date, even if it doesn’t get spoiled immediately, you will notice a foul smell or taste. 

Other than the expiration date, you can even look for other signs that will tell you if the meat is safe to eat. 

Jimmy Dean Sausage
Jimmy Dean Sausage

How to check the quality of Jimmy Dean sausage?

Some people prefer not to follow the expiration date blindly, as there are high chances of it being wrong. Although any food quality controlling association advises against consuming meat after the expiration date, you can still do so if you trust your instincts. 

  • Color

Color is a significant factor when looking for warning signs in ground pork. Usually, the meat would have a red or brown color which means the meat is fine. However, if you notice grey patches on it or the color tinting to grey, you should discard it. 

Moreover, if the color of the meat is changing to any other color, you should make it a clear warning sign and do away with it as soon as possible. 

  • Mold

Mold is another warning sign that should not be overlooked. If you notice the meat growing mold on top of it, the harmful microbes have attacked it. When this happens, the meat starts deteriorating from the inside. Eating this meat can cause serious trouble in your digestive system. 

You may even develop a severe bacterial infection if you eat spoiled meat. Therefore, make sure to be careful in such situations. You should even discard the infected meat carefully so that it does not spread any other diseases inside the house. 

  • Smell

The smell can be another indicator of the meat being spoiled. Sausage is still fresh and good to consume scents like herbs or fresh meat. If you notice the smell turning sour or weird, it is time to discard it as it can be hazardous to eat. The smell usually goes terrible when there is a bacterial infection inside the meat. 

  • Flavor

When it comes to the taste of the meat, you should be extra careful when the expiration date comes closer. The meat might look normal, could have no foul smell but could still taste bad. Jimmy Dean sausages have a very distinct flavor, and you will notice a change immediately. If you find even a slight difference in taste, you should stop consuming it directly. If you continue to eat it, you might develop food poisoning. 

How long does Jimmy Dean sausage last in the fridge after opening?

If you are storing the sausage inside your fridge, the expiration date would depend on if you have opened the package or not. If you have not opened the package, but inside the refrigerator, it will last two weeks. On the other hand, if you have opened the package, the meat will last for only seven days, even inside the fridge. 

In The End

Jimmy Dean sausages are a great way to start your day. They are fresh, healthy, and easy to prepare. Although when dealing with raw meat, there are several drawbacks that you have to be attentive to. Even when you store the pack in the fridge, it is essential to check it constantly. Make sure to check all the factors mentioned above before consuming it every time.

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