How To Cook Deer Sausage

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Deer sausage can be cooked by either frying it, smoking it or frying it. Although in all the methods, the cooking equipment can make a huge difference to the taste.  

Deer Sausage with potato and vegetables
Deer Sausage with potato and vegetables

All meat lovers gorge on sausages, be it any type or kind. Deer sausage, however, is the favorite of many. Deer sausage is not only the most delicious option but is also the healthiest. Deer sausages are easy to find in stores or even a local deli. If you don’t want to purchase a ready-made sausage, you can always make it at home. 

Preparing a dish, especially the one involving meat can take a long time to cook. This happens more often if you are cooking it for the first time as you would not know the proper cooking duration. There are various ways to cook a deer sausage, and therefore there is no definite time. 

If you are thinking of smoking the deer, it will take a long time, that is, approximately 2 hours. On the other hand, baking or frying will take just 20 minutes. Read below to know more about cooking deer sausages. 

How long to cook deer sausage?

Cooking deer sausage links is difficult, let alone cooking at home alone. Therefore, you would not want to ruin it by cooking the sausage incorrectly. To make sure everything is under control, you can start by choosing the equipment for your dish. 

You can decide by choosing the method you want to go for. You could either go for baking, smoking, frying, or boiling. Once selected, choose your equipment accordingly. However, the best way is to fry the deer sausage in a saucepan to bring the authentic flavor to the surface. 

You need butter or oil for this process and spare six to ten minutes. While panfrying the sausage, make sure not to burn the sausage’s skin. This has to be done while not leaving the stuffing undercooked. This would require you to maintain the correct temperature of 155 degrees F. 

The trick is to keep tossing the sausage and not letting the skin burn. Continous tossing will also ensure that the stuffing is cooked from all sides. 

deer sausage on grill
deer sausage on grill

How long to cook deer sausage on grill or smoker?

Smoking any sausage can be tricky as it takes longer than any other cooking method. While smoking meat, you need to ensure that it is not getting dry. This can be done while smoking the meat at a low temperature slowly. 

The best way to go through with it is to preheat your smoker and bring it to a medium or high temperature. Once done, you can place the deer sausage links on the smoker and let it stay for five minutes. You can turn them once during those five minutes to ensure all sides are cooking correctly. 

After this, reduce the temperature and close the smoker. This will take around two hours to smoke the sausage properly. However, make sure that the smoker’s temperature does not go beyond 180 F. 

boiling venison sausage
boiling venison sausage

How long would boiling venison sausage take?

Not many prefer boiling deer sausage as it is pretty untraditional and may taste different than by rest of the methods. Boiling venison sausage can have benefits as well as drawbacks. The best part about boiling deer sausage is that it does not require you to use any extra fats. You can use the deer sausage for its leanness with this method. 

However, boiling deer sausage would not give you that crispy skin that people love most about sausages. It would taste good but without any crispiness. If you think of going by this method, you can start with putting the sausages in the pot you like. 

Pour water in the pot till the sausages get submerged within. Now use your knife to poke a few small holes in the sausage to enhance the process further. Bring the water to a boil and cook the sausage for 20 minutes more. 

You can even boil the deer sausage by doing a sear in the pan and boiling the sausage in that pan. In this process, too, you would have to poke holes in the sausage and cover the pot using a lid. This may be called frying but without adding any extra fats. Through this process, you would get to enjoy crispy skin, which is healthy.

Final Words

Deer sausage can be delicious and mouth-watering if cooked right. Though there are several ways to go about the process, you should choose the one that suits your taste buds the best. Once decided, you can go by the methods mentioned above and get answers to questions like how to cook frozen deer sausage or how to cook deer sausage in the oven. Whether you fry it, smoke it, or boil it, you would love deer sausages instantly.  

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