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Popularly known as caribou meat, reindeer is widely eaten in Canada and North America. The arctic animal has become quite popular in several other delicacies. Several types of reindeer are available in various places around the world. They differ in sizes and meat quality; however, they are well known for each category. 

For centuries, caribou meat has been an essential part of people’s appetite in the northern reaches of Eurasia and North America. It can also be considered the staple food for the indigenous people here. 

However, despite being such a popular delicacy, few have tasted this meat. It is tricky to cook, and some might not even like the taste. If you want some genuine reviews on caribou meat tastes like, you have come to the right place.  

Caribou Taste
Caribou Taste

Some say it has a moderate flavor that people easily warm up to.

Caribou meat taste

When determining the taste of any animal meat, it is essential to consider the genes it holds. It is also necessary to consider the amount of exercise it has received along with its diet. The fit the animal, the better would be its taste. 

The meat of some animals tastes more delicious than others as they have a unique combination of genes running in them. Game animals such as reindeers are preferred to have a hard texture. And the best way to get this flavor is by going after an animal with a lot of exercise. 

Besides, caribou is loved in cold places, which helps the consumers retain heat in low temperatures. Many worry about caribou’s complex texture, making it challenging to cook. However, going by the various arctic indigenous consumers of this meat, there are many ways to prepare it without much struggle. 

Coming back to how caribou meat tastes, some people consider it to have a mild flavor that people quickly like. If you expect a game flavor like deer has, you might get disappointed. However, caribou is still a much better option than the rest. 

You might also like the fact that caribou has much less fat content than deer, making it a healthy option to eat. You may also compare its taste to low-fat beef as both have a mild and gentle texture to eat. 

The taste of a caribou will also depend on the season when you hunt it. Different seasons will bring other diets for the animal, so its meat will taste different. People prefer hunting them during the winter season as they survive the entire season lichen. 

Due to this, their meat has a tender and grassy texture which you would like. However, avoid hunting them in the mating season as the meat tastes terrible during this time. 

Caribou meat

Considerations before eating caribou meat

Even though this meat tastes good, there are a few considerations that you should keep before giving it a try. Hunters of the arctic region provide special instructions to people who want to hunt reindeers as they can be a significant source of diseases as they have parasites.

  • It is essential never to eat raw wild meat or even feed stray dogs and cats. This can increase the chance of disease spreading because of parasites. Game meat is quite susceptible to such situations and thus should always be appropriately cooked before consuming.
  • Try not to judge how clean the meat is by just having a glance at it. It isn’t easy to estimate how safe game meat is even for hunters and experts. 
  • The best way to make sure game meat is cooked correctly, keep the internal temperature of the heart at around 160 degrees F. 

To make the situation even ideal, keep the meat frozen until you cook it. This keeps disease spreading in control. Even when defrosting the heart, please keep it on your plate inside the refrigerator to avoid any infections from outside. 

Final Words

Caribou meat is more of an experience than a delicacy. With its tender and mild flavor, it can provide you with a taste you have never experienced before. Additionally, if you seek answers to questions like caribou tongue taste and caribou coffee taste, the deep reaches of Alaska can be an excellent place to start! 


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