What Does Ostrich Egg Taste Like?

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Not many know this but eating an ostrich egg is popular in some cultures. Many stay curious about what this giant egg tastes like as it is not a very common delicacy. People become even more curious about these eggs as they look pretty different than the usual eggs we are used to looking at. 

The most interesting fact about an ostrich egg is that even if it’s the giant egg of the bird kingdom, it is considered the smallest as far as the size of the bird is considered. An ostrich egg is so big that it can take as many as 34 chicken eggs inside it. 

According to studies, an ostrich hen can produce around 60 eggs every year. The mother raises it by sitting on it and keeping it warm in the wild. Although, in the farming business, an ostrich egg can be hatched in just 42 days if properly incubated. 

If you want to know what an ostrich egg tastes like, read below. 

Ostrich Eggs
Ostrich Eggs

The Taste 

Not many people are used to having an ostrich egg in the meal. Even fewer people might want to taste the egg, considering how huge and unconventional it looks. An ostrich, however, has a taste very similar to that of a hen’s egg. 

Although the taste may differ in richness and buttery texture, some may even find its taste more intense than a usual egg. Some may even find the egg a bit sweet, especially those raised on farms. How people perceive an ostrich egg can also impact how they see the taste. 

For instance, many studies have been conducted in which egg consumers were segregated into two groups. One group found the idea of having an ostrich egg gross while the other group was excited. When finally made to taste, the first group did not like it while the second group approved its taste. 

Moreover, since the egg is vast, your stomach will complete in a small serving. Therefore, you would be left with no choice but to have it in groups. If you prepare scrambled eggs with an ostrich egg, you will find the result more gelatinous than a chicken egg. 

In the case of a boiled egg, you would realize the similarity between a chicken’s egg and an ostrich’s egg. However, some might find the white portion to be very rubbery. When boiling an ostrich egg, you have to cook it for more than one and a half hours. A hard boil would take one and a half hours, while a soft spot would take at least 2 hours.  

Ostrich Egg
Ostrich Egg


People who prefer a strict diet might love an ostrich egg as it is pretty healthy. It has deficient sodium levels and thus, works fine with all kinds of diets. Other than that, you can find about 45 % of fats in the egg, along with 47% of protein. 

An ostrich egg also contains about 2000 calories along with other nutrients. This egg can work the same as a chicken egg when it comes to essential nutrients. Chlorine, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and folic acid are essentials an ostrich egg provides you. 

However, compared with chicken eggs, ostrich eggs have low amounts of vitamin A and E. It compensates for iron and magnesium. It is perfect for our heart as it contains the right amount of fiber and omega-three. 

Due to their richness in terms of magnesium, zinc, and calcium work great for growing children. It will also prove a good choice if you are trying to build your muscles. 

To Sum It Up

An ostrich egg can be an excellent choice to add to your daily appetite as it is healthy and nutritious. To answer the question of what an ostrich egg tastes like, it is sweeter and more buttery than a chicken’s egg. It has a creamier texture. It is quite fulfilling in tiny servings. However, it is the right food for all kinds of nutrition needed by a growing body. 

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