What Does Starfish Taste Like?

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It may sound bizarre to some people, but many cultures consume starfish daily. Starfish is not some animal you find in your menus daily. And in case you find one, you might not be able to wrap your head around the idea. 

However, if you are even a little curious about what this aquatic animal tastes like, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss all the exciting aspects of eating a starfish and any consequences. 

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What does a starfish taste like?

To start with, a starfish has a very similar taste to that of a sea urchin. You would be surprised to know that starfish are quite too buttery to taste and would melt in your mouth with the first bite. This is precisely how sea urchins taste as well. 

Which is typical for saltwater animals. This salty ocean flavor is a favorite of many, while many hate it. Therefore, the taste of a starfish is entirely subjective in all cuisines. However, if you eat it fresh, you might acquire the taste and include it in your daily appetite. 

While consuming a starfish, checking what kind you choose is essential. If you have caught one yourself, it is necessary to check if it is not poisonous. Cultures like the Chinese and even coastal regions have several popular dishes with starfish. 

For instance, starfish soup has made rounds several times and is quite popular on food channels as well. You will even find starfish in several street foods too. The meat of a starfish is quite subtle, but you might find a slight bitterness as well. 

Ground beef will be a good choice to compare its taste to a more known delicacy. Both have a creamy texture with some chunkiness as well. 

starfish taste
Starfish taste

Cooking a starfish

When you touch a starfish inside water, you will think of it as a soft water animal that can easily be maneuvered. However, the moment you take it out of the water, its body will start hardening, and you will be left with no choice but to harden it and then cook it. 

Even the top side of the fish is quire rigid and will continuously remain like this. When you first look at a dried starfish, you might not find anything to drool over. Moreover, you might lose your appetite as everything becomes too hard even to bite. 

However, the natural edible part that most of the coastal regions are mad about is inside the legs of the starfish. Depending on how you like your seafood, you can develop a way to prepare it. Some people prefer to boil it while some deep fry it too. Suppose you think what, it has a very crispy and hard texture than we are usually used to. If you are boiling it, make sure you have added a good amount of salt to the water. This enhances the flavor a bit. 

Do not chop it before boiling it properly, and once it is cooked, keep it in cold water for some time. When you eat it, you realize the eating process is quite close to eating a crab, as you need mallet or pliers to get the meat out of the starfish. 

While eating, make sure that the starfish is alive when preparing or has been dead for less than 24 hours only. This will ensure you are not causing any infections or diseases in your body as saltwater animals go bad quickly.   

Additionally, remember a starfish is tiny and thus would not have a lot of meat in it. Either scoop it using a spoon to get it all out of its legs. Or, you can even suck it out. 

To Sum It Up

A starfish can be very different to experience, especially when it has a very distinct taste and texture. You may even wonder what, to your surprise, even it has a creamy flavor and crispy texture just like a starfish. 

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